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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Gaga for Versace

Yes. Completely GaGa. We are following Lady G herself and getting ourselves a bit of Versace.

Not the real thing but Versace for H&M is just fine for us. Why wouldn't it be when it includes kooky prints and studded leather?

Now the real question. What to get and how to get it?  

The sale starts at 9am on the 17th November. Yes 9am. When school starts. Dilemma.

And as far as what to get? Their is so much to choose from; dresses, skirts, studded leggins, belts and shoes and as far as im concerned on my hot list are the leather looks and the accesories.

As cool as it is, I think only Gaga herself can pull of the fluoro fringing. Somehow I don't think it would fit in my wardrobe!

I think their is a piece for everyone. Whether you're a crazy print loving girl or someone just after a bit of leather, you'll get what you want. And if you can't afford the bigger pieces, an accesory will do the job nicely.



  1. loved this collection! though in my country everything was sold out within hours!

  2. Same! I got one of the dresses for Christmas but the sizing is so small so where a size eight is normally perfect, it wouldn't even begin to do up :( x