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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Glugg

In response to B's too true post about the hideous plague that is the Ugg i have decided to share my hatred for the Ugg's second in command. The Glugg. 

As second in commands go i would compare this evil item to say Goering? As if Ugg wasn't satisfied with making the female race look like they're half human half elephant, they had to go further and create this foul creature. Like the Ugg these 'mittens' are completely inappropriate for the season they are designed for. As soon as a light shower begins to fall you will find your gloves soaked through, your pinkies cold and you looking like you have shoved your hands up two dead hamsters arses'. Attractive right? 

One of the many god awful parts of these beasts is that nobody knows how to wear them. They don't team them with a similarly coloured coat. No. Instead they team them with a completely random jacket and they become an instant eyesore to everyone who is in your company. Nightmare.

I suggest we should burn every Ugg and every Glugg on earth. I mean we burnt witches right? And these are clearly the production of evil forces. No doubt. 

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