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Friday, 6 January 2012

U.G.L.Y you ain't got no alabi...

...and you really haven't. I'm talking, of course, about the horrendous fashion faux pas that is the Ugg Boot. Originally popular in the 1970's in Australia and New Zealand (yes, they've been offending the world for that long!) since the 2000's they have expanded and had an evil, manipulative hold over the world. It's time we took a stand against their sadist powers and banished them forever. Never again should we have to be witness to the horrible and evil 'ugg sag' , when an Ugg Boot dies and its owner remains in denial, allowing the wretched thing to flop over its own sole as they walk. What's more is that the Ugg Boot is the most unconventional piece of footwear to be invented- they are NOT waterproof and, as a result, the misguided individual who wears their Ugg Boots out in rain, ends up walking around with the equivalent of two sodden pillows attached to their feet. Nice. This not only must be immensely uncomfortable, but just adds to their truly hideous appearance. Sometimes an owner will take out their Ugg Boots in the rain, after they have already died, resulting in a 'wet ugg sag'. This being even worse than an 'ugg sag' and, in turn, causes passers by to feel sorry for the Ugg Boots, and marvel at the cruelty of their owner. But, I digress, it is not pity we should feel for these abominable creatures, but pure rage, for tricking the population into believing it is acceptable to parade around in them. The end of Ugg Boot is nigh, otherwise, what IS the world coming too..

Rant over,
B xox

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