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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Brogue..

Recently it has become apparent that the brogue is not just for the men. The brogue.. is for sharing.

Myself? I LOVE a good brogue. There is nothing better. They make me go starry eyed, weak at the knees and cause butterflies in my tummy-quite literally. I have, if you like, caught the brogue bug.

I'm pretty certain you cannot go wrong with a leather brogue. They go with everything and are super comfy and practical. Any amount of money should and can be spent on leather brogues, no questions asked, no reservations. Ever.

My firsts were from Office, and they were called frank. They live on, if slightly battered but they are the most comfortable shoes in the whole wide world.
I recently bought myself a brand spanking new pair, again, from Office. However this time, this time they were ANKLE BOOTS. They are possibly THE coolest thing I own. It was a close call though, i was very nearly swayed by a cheeky pair of Chelsea boots, which, i no doubt will end up buying at a later date!! But i could not betray my faithful bud the brogue.

There is some hoo ha about leather shoes? They are too hard? Stiff? Uncomfortable? This is true- the first few weeks in my new ones were AGONY, like RAZOR BLADES on your feet.
BUT. So worth it.

Man up and stick a blister plaster on it because once broken in, leather brogues are the biz, and there's no going back.


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